Meet your 2024 Winter Games Cheerleaders!

Introducing your 2024 Winter Games Cheerleaders!

After collecting nominations for all of December and holding a community-wide voting on January 3rd & 4th, the Winter Games Committee has officially tallied up the votes! We now present to you the 2024 University of Okoboji Winter Games Cheerleaders!


Rob Catlin

“Rob is a long-time resident of the Okoboji area. He has kids in the Spirit Lake District and has always been very involved with the community. Rob is well-known for being a local DJ at the bars as well as the occasional wedding and school event. He strives to make the Lakes area a better place by listening to the community on views that are soon-to-be talked about at council meetings. He truly loves the Lakes!”


Kolette Delperdang

“Kolette is always willing to go above and beyond for people in her community. She currently works as a relator at Exit realty. She always has a smile on her face and is happy. She also volunteers in her free time at make a wish, working at the Grove in the fall and delivering meals with meals on wheels.”


Charlie Leissler

“Charlie has been a regular name in the Okoboji's for over a decade and a great friend to many. Charlie serves the Iowa Great Lakes as a local Real Estate Agent for Remax of Okoboji. Charlie's character embodies everything that it means to be a Winter Games Cheerleader and would be a great addition to the Winter Games Family. He has such a fun, outgoing personality, and always does his best to make people smile. From bartending and managing The Gardens, to his success as a realtor with Remax, Charlie is everything Okoboji and the surrounding Dickinson county communities represent!”

Cheerleader Nominees - Winter Games-3

Katie Luinstra

“Katie does nothing but cheer for her students (and all the students) at OES. She has taught more than one of my children, and while my two kids are VERY different, she has managed to connect with them each so perfectly--she knows what makes her students tick. She goes above and beyond to encourage her students to the point where they no longer question their confidence--it's just there. Her passion for their success is awe-inspiring and is visible in absolutely everything she does. Katie consistently makes even the most boring spelling words fun for her first graders (I'm looking at you "down"), and there's always some fun activity the kids come home talking about. She makes school fun and puts big smiles on the faces of everyone she sees there. She is the epitome of positivity and kindness.”


Rob Rodriguez

“Rob owns Boji Surf in Arnolds Park. He is the ultimate cheerleader and lights up a room with his laugh and friendly nature. Whether you meet Rob at his store or on the water, he always greets you with a big welcoming smile. In the summer, you can find Rob working with all ages of people on and off the water. He spends his spare time teaching people how to surf, giving them pointers to increase their surfing abilities, and being a great host to visitors of Okoboji. Rob is a natural coach and cheerleader. He rallies people to cheer others on and gets everyone to celebrate. He loves making a difference and being in on the action.”


Brandon Vodraska

“I believe Brandon meets the requirements because he is always full of energy and positivity! There’s never a moment you have to second guess him, he will always do what he can to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face! He is very willing to help others, has a contagious smile, and loves his community. Brandon will give others the shirt off his back even if it was to be his last. He loves helping kids and adults no matter the situation and doesn't ask for anything in return. He has a heart of gold!”

Heath Williams

“Heath is an asset at Oak Hill Marina and within our community. He always has a smile on his face and his work ethic is unmatched. He is willing to push himself out of his comfort zone to increase his skill set. Heath is a great leader. He instills pride, ambition and the importance of having a strong work ethic into his young adult employees. Heath has spent many years working in Okoboji and building connections. To know Heath, is to love him. He is always willing to help his community members out whether that be helping with boats, serving as a handyman, assisting with stereo/remote start needs etc. Heath is a jack of all trades. I think he would make a great cheerleader!”


Vicki Willison

“Vicki has been an active community member and supporter for 60 plus years. She has given up many hours of her time this last year in helping the Humane Society in capturing and giving medical needs to many abandoned felines left behind and helping find them a safe home. You can often see her out and about with a smile for everyone. Vicki cares very much about the Lakes Region! She is a fun loving, go-go girl who loves Okoboji! Never a dull moment with this gal! Vicki is such a cheerleader of the Lakes area. She has passion, compassion and high high energy! She would be a fantastic representative of Winter Games.”