Axe Throwing

Event Information

Think darts, but with axes. Pretty straight forward, right?

Time & Location: Tournament is held on Saturday, January 28th at The Throwing Post in Arnolds Park. Designated time slots must be reserved in advance.

Join us for the third annual 10 for $10 tournament at The Throwing Post during Winter Games 2023! Registration is $10 per person. Fee includes 5 minute training session, 5 minutes of practice throws, and 10 scored throws. Throwers will register for a specific start time, while the tournament runs from 9am - 2pm.

Top scoring throwers (one male and one female) will win a custom Winter Games 2021 Axe Throwing Champion TROPHY! Tiebreakers will be used in an event where there are ties for top thrower. Tiebreakers may include specific scoring challenges and/or Winter Games trivia! All throwers will also be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one hour of axe throwing for their party of 6. Throwers must be 12 years or older at time of event.

No refunds. 

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