Bean Bag Tournament

Event Information

Time & Location:

Saturday, January 27th. 11:00AM Event Check-In Time, 11:30AM Event Start Time. Located on the ice in front of The Gardens. Late teams will be replaced with teams on waiting list. To join the waiting list, show up the day of at check-in time.


Tournament rules are based on those established by the Midwest Bean Bag Association

The first sixty four (64) teams with entry fee turned into the Chamber of Commerce will play.

Each team has four (4) bags of the same color to toss each round. Players must throw from behind the front of the box. Teams alternate tosses each round starting with the last team to score.

Points are scored when a player has a bag on the board or in the hole.

Bags that land and stay on the board are worth one (1) point.

Bounce on’s count.

Bags that go through the hole are worth three (3) points.

Points cancel each other out.

The first team to 21 wins (a team does not have to hit 21 exactly).

A team can win by a skunk which is 11 - 0.


1st Place: $80.00 & Trophies (2)

2nd Place: $60.00 & Trophies (2)

3rd Place: Trophies (2)

4th Place: Trophies (2)

Consolation Winner: $40.00 & Trophies (2)

Consolation Runner-up: Trophies (2)

Proceeds of the event go to support the Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis Club. 

No refunds.