Who are the Winter Games Cheerleaders?

In the true spirit of community fun and recognition, the University of Okoboji Winter Games Committee gives the public the opportunity to nominate men and women to serve as the Winter Games cheerleaders each year. The eight chosen cheerleaders will cheer, cheer, cheer for Boji at the various events throughout the 42nd Annual Winter Games on January 27-30, 2022.

How does one become a cheerleader?

Individuals must be nominated in order to be considered as a potential cheerleader. Nominees must be a Dickinson County resident and at least 18 years of age.

The nominee should exhibit:

  • a ready smile, generous heart, and good nature
  • an enthusiasm for all that our U of O campus has to offer
  • a sincere desire to give their time and talent to enhance the quality of life in the Iowa Great Lakes Area

How does voting work?

All voting will occur ONLINE ONLY on Monday, January 11th from 6am - 11:59pm. No phone, email, or in person votes will be accepted. Each individual will select a maximum of 8 individuals listed on the final ballot of nominees. The eight nominees with the most votes will be announced following voting.

Who were the past cheerleaders?


The 2019 U of O Cheerleaders included: Lori & George Bower, Lisa Duffy, Abby Goodlaxson, Nate & Greta Gruys, Jill Harms, Dr. Ronald Kolegraff, and Peggy Rick.