Flag Football

Event Information

Time & Location: 8:00am-3:00pm on Saturday, January 27th on the frozen ponds at Parks Marina

Format: Double Elimination Tournament (1st 8 teams to sign up)

Prizes: Top three teams will be awarded trophies.

Pairings and times will be randomly drawn the morning of the event. All teams must check in by 7:30am for game play to begin at 8:00am.

Each team must designate 2 refs if their team loses; they will ref the following game on that field.

Simplified Rules:

  • Referee has final decision on all calls.
  • Scoring:
    • Touchdown = 6 points
    • Extra point from 3 yard line = 1 point
    • Extra point from 10 yard line = 2 points
    • Safety = 2 points
    • No field goals or extra point kicks
  • Length of game = 25 plays per half. Two halves are played.
  • Overtime = one play for each team from the 3 yard line and the extra point. After 2nd overtime, teams must go for 2 point conversion from 10 yard line. NO SUDDEN DEATH.
  • Coin toss determines who receives ball first. Kicking team receives ball first in second half.
  • Up to seven players (per team) on the field at one time.
  • All players are eligible to catch passes or run.
  • Only one forward pass per play (maximum of 5 backwards passes per play are allowed).
  • Offensive team must be set (near motionless for one second) before snapping the ball.
  • Ball can be snapped between legs or from side.
  • Defensive team must wait three seconds (3 Mississippi) before crossing line of scrimmage. Referee will give signal to defensive team.
  • No tackling (10-yard penalty). Incidental contact is allowed, at discretion of referee (c’mon, its ice). Only screen blocking is allowed (similar to basketball’s charging rule).
  • Player is down when knee hits the ice (NCAA rule).
  • Flags must be worn on outside of clothing with flags hanging from side. No flag guarding allowed (5-yard penalty from previous spot).
  • Play is ended when one or two flags are pulled. Hold flag in air.
  • Length of field is approximately 80 yards.
  • Four downs to get first down or touchdown.
  • Players can throw or punt the football for kick offs and punts (touchback can occur only if the ball travels out of the back of the end zone). Team must declare (before 4th down play) if they are punting or not (NO fake punts). Kickoffs do not count as a play, but punts do.
  • First down line is midfield line.
    • Example: If you receive ball 5 yards short of midfield line, you need only gain 5 yards to get a first down. If you receive the ball near your own goal line, you need to gain approximately 40 yards for first down.
  • No cleats or spiked shoe covers allowed. Go barefoot if necessary.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be allowed, including swearing and arguing.
    • 1st team unsportsman-like penalty = 10 yard penalty and warning
    • 2nd team unsportsman-like penalty = 10 yard penalty and player disqualification
    • 3rd team unsportsman-like penalty = team disqualification
  • Ball is dead if it hits ice.
  • Standard high school football rules apply where not covered above.
  • If a persons flags fall off and they catch a ball then they are down where they catch the ball.
  • Teams can agree upon one football or each team can use their own football (all footballs must be approved before kickoff).

Losing team to supply two referees for next game. 

No refunds.