University of Okoboji Winter Games History

1980s | 1990s | 2000s

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  • 1st year for Winter Games!
  • Snow Queen: Shirley Dickinson


  • Chairperson: Dr. Eric Nielsen
  • Snow Queen: Sheila Johnson


  • Chairperson: Dr. Eric Nielsen
  • Snow Queen: Dana Dreves; Snow King: Manny Zemple
  • Advertising Costs: $1389.88
  • Ice Palace constructed of 60lb to 100 lb ice blocks at The Grade.


  • Chairperson: Dr. Eric Nielsen


  • 1st year for the “Duck Race” and the theme was “Magic of the Lakes”


  • Chairperson: Duane Zahradnik
  • 1st year of opening ceremonies bonfire and fireworks. Took place Friday evening at 7pm on Smith’s Bay. 600 Christmas Trees were part of the bonfire.


  • Chairperson: Duane Zahradnik
  • 1st time that the Winter Games Card Party was held.


  • Chairperson: Brett Thacker
  • 1st year of the U of O Winter Games Cheerleaders were nominated and elected.
  • 1st Popcorn Snowman was constructed with 30 lbs of popcorn, 5 qt.of oil, 28 lbs of marshmellows, 10lbs of sugar, and 16 lbs of margarine. Built by Tom and Audrey Kuhlman, Brett and Penny Thacker, Jeff, Roberta, and Kate Shaw, Clyde Ihrke, and Sheri Ferguson.
  • Cheerleaders: Jane Ford, Steve Kennedy, Gene Krueger, Tom Kuhlman, Sue Richter, Kate Shaw, Georgia Sheley

1989 –

  • Chairpersons: Brett Thacker and Dan Delperdang
  • Cheerleaders: Augie Belt, Jeani Eich, Joey Elbert, Jackie Kelley, Paul Koch, Jenny Pick, Susan Reiser, Brett Thacker

If you have anything you would like noted for Winter Games history, please send to kiley@okobojichamber.com.