University of Okoboji Winter Games History

1980s | 1990s | 2000s | 2010s | 2020s

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  • Chairpersons: Brett Thacker and Dan Delperdang
  • Cheerleaders: Ann Bass, Jackie Carpenter, Martha Chozen, Jerry Dyhrkopp, Alreda Gerstandt, Linda Hinshaw, Jim McDonnell, Gayle Weiskrischer

1991 –

  • Lakes Art Center- “Wonderland of Wreaths”
  • Sand/Snow Volleyball tournament at the Marquee and new event “Pastor Pull” where youth of the area churches gather to pull their pastor on sleds, shovels, or whatever they could find!
  • Chairpersons: Marty McDougal and Dan Delperdang
  • Cheerleaders: Dick Hahn, Jamie Hinshaw, Cheryl Zieringer, Don Idso, Mark Ingwersen, Bonnie Neisess, Collette Travis, Judy Weipert, Peggy Williams, Barb Worth

1992 –

  • 1st year of the lip sync contest!
  • Chairpersons: Marty McDougal and Dan Delperdang
  • Cheerleaders: Paul Donnenworth, Jo Graves, Lyn Johnson, Becky Martin, Joan McCulloch, Jody Rickman, Deb Rogne, Roger Vigdal

1993 –

  • Cheerleaders: Judge Cameron Arnold, Rose Barriage, Clyde Ihrke, Pinner Lundgren, John Parsons, Kris Walker

1994 –

  • 1st Annual Snowball Softball Tournament
  • Cheerleaders: Bill Alexander, Sandy Alexander, DebBaker, Roxy Larson, Frank Osdoba, Kim Wermersen, Susan Ziegenbusch

1995 –

  • Wheelchair Baseketball Tournament
  • Chairpersons: Marty McDougal and Peggy Williams
  • Cheerleaders: Sue Spalding, Cyndee Dather, Carol Keizer, Sue Laue, Norm VanDonslear, RuthAnn VanDonslear, Bruce Walker, Doris Welle

1996 –

  • 1st year of the dog sled rides (they continued for three years)
  • Chairpersons: Marty McDougal and Peggy Williams
  • Cheerleaders: Deb Ditsworth, Karen Hankins, Jerry Kittelson, Karolyn Marti, Sue Richter, Linda Schaben, Marilyn Strickland, and Bill Wirtanen


  • This year the lip sync contest turned into a lip sync/talent contest.
  • 1st year of the now, very popular Chocolate Classic.
  • Chairperson: Dan Beekman
  • Cheerleaders: Dan Beekman, Carole Holmes, Rev. Scott Holmes, Sherry Jorgensen, Cyndy Powers, Aileen Schacherer, Susan Smith, Jeff Thee, Rev. John Vakulskas Jr.

1998 –

  • 1st year for “Spas on Ice” sponsored by Bill Eich. This tradition continued to be popular for 11 years.
  • 1st year of the “Polar Bear Classic Bike Ride” which is now known as the “Freeze Your Fanny Bike Ride”. Also the 1st year for Flag Football.
  • First year of the ever-popular Polar Plunge where “brave” souls take a dip in the frozen waters of West Lake Okoboji!
  • Chairpersons: Dan Beekman, Sue Laue
  • Cheerleaders: Carole Acheterhof, Julie Fairchild, Tracy Furman, Owen Primavera, Ben Saunders, Kathy Saunders, Denton Wunder, Marie Wunder, Duane Yager


  • Chairpersons: Blain Andera and Sue Laue
  • Cheerleaders: Marvin Anderson, Keith Brockmeyer, Theresa Clark, Chuck Crone, Clare DeKoster, Peggy Gustafson, Donna Skalisky, Al Thacker

If you have anything you would like noted for Winter Games history, please send to kiley@okobojichamber.com.