University of Okoboji Winter Games History

1980s | 1990s | 2000s | 2010s | 2020s

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2000 –

  • 1st Year for Slap Shot Hockey and the Okoboji Underwater Search and Rescue Demo
  • Chairpersons: Blain Andera and Sue Laue
  • Cheerleaders: Brenda Dryer, Twyla Garnmeister, Margaret Northey, Andrea Schwarck, Jeff Schwarck, Toby Shine, Mike Stineman, Rick Wiersma

2001 –

  • 1st year of the Little Sioux Off-Road Challenge.
  • This was the 1st year that the RIDES bus transported people from event to event.
  • Chairpersons: Blain Andera and Chad Schuchert
  • Cheerleaders: Ruth Schwarck, Gene Reed, Bob Reed, Gloria Currell, Bob Curell, Edna Wattier, Carole Ayres, Emil Richter

2002 –

  • Warm weather! New York Times was here and the University of Okoboji Winter Games made the 8th page article on 1/28/02.
  • Extraveganza was moved to the Green Space now known as Preservation Plaza for the Bonfire and Fireworks Extravaganza due to ice condtions.
  • Chairpersons: Chad Schuchert and Jeff Smith
  • Cheerleaders: Molly Rohlfsen, Don Greagerson, Marge Gregerson, Alex DenHerder, Blain Andera, Darwin Pike, Larry Stoller, Bob Shaw


  • The Iowa Rock n Roll Musuem opens its doors.
  • Hy-Vee sponsors a “Turkey Bowling” game
  • Chairpersons: Jeff Smith and Terry Veldman
  • Cheerleaders: Father James Bruch, Carole Caviness, Gary Caviness, Ann Ditsworth, June Goldman, Steve Schwaller, Greg Stevens, Ron Walker


  • Chairpersons: Terry Veldman and Randy Cornwall
  • Cheerleaders: John Adams, Steve Anderson, Phyllis Kempema, Pat McGill, Cary Parker, Mike Peschon, Chad Schuchert, Barb Tagami


  • First year of the Texas Hold’Em tournament and first year of the Red Hat Luncheon
  • Chairpersons: Randy Cornwall and Abbey Larson-Heimensen
  • Cheerleaders: Carla Beckendorf, Russ Beckendorf, Kevin Kuhlman, Abbey Larson-Heimensen, Gary Owen, Randy Rohlfsen, Jeff Smith, Brad Tifft


  • Chairpersons: Lance Evans and Abby Larson-Heimensen
  • Cheerleaders: Wynette Moore, Larry Traughber, Phil Peterson, Wally Jorgensen, Lance Evans, Tracy Evans, Amanda Lippon, Audrey Kuhlman


  • Chairpersons: Lance Evans and Collin Heimensen
  • Cheerleaders: Julie Fillenwarth, Joe VaderLaan, Erin Roe, Collin Heimensen, Mary Thunhorst, Terry Klein, Anitra Wolf, Matt Richter

2008 –

  • 1st year of the ArtsLIVE People Project and Hill Ave.
  • Indoor mini golf tournament with Spirit Lake Chamber businesses.
  • Chairpersons: Lance Evans and Molly Gildemeister-Sorensen
  • Cheerleaders: Dr. Steven Baskerville, Dr. Randy Cornwall, Tim Horsman, Mary Kennedy, Bill Maas, Greg Richards, Tom Tourville, and Gary Zeman

2009 –

  • Grand Old Opre at the SAMI Center generated $12,000 for the Mini Wakan Shelter restoration. Also set a record for attendance!
  • First year of the NW Bank Tailgate dinner in the Pavilion
  • Chairpersons: Molly Gildemeister-Sorensen and John Adams Jr.
  • Cheerleaders: John Adams Jr., Michelle Adams, Bill Eich, Janelle Holter, Dennis Lippon, Dave Rowley, Julie Scheib, Tonja Vanbee


If you have anything you would like noted for Winter Games history, please send to kiley@okobojichamber.com.