Human Foosball

Event Information

Time & Location: 

Tournament begins at 9:00am on Saturday, January 27th in Preservation Plaza at Arnolds Park Amusement Park.

Details: Grab your friends and register for this giant game of foosball. Enter the court and compete as one of the characters on this fun table game. Teams of 9 compete together to be the 4th Annual Winter Games Human Foosball Champion.

$60 per team of 6 to 9 players, registrations are non-refundable.

Awards: Trophies for 1st & 2nd place teams.


Rules & Information: 

Referee has the final say. Referee’s rulings/judgements are final.

Teams are required to have at least 6 Players per team - 1 Goalie, 3 Mid-field, 2 Forwards

Teams will compete in a double elimination tournament with each game being played for 20 minutes. The first team to score 10 points wins!

Both hands must remain on the bar at all times – If you let go, it’s a foul.

Keep ball low at all times. Anything above the shoulders is an automatic foul (accident or on purpose). If ball is kicked and hits the side and goes above shoulder height it’s considered a foul (Yes, that means you can commit one on yourself).

Reset or Ball out of Play - Bars must be reset to the opposite side of the Ref. The Ref will then put ball back into play.

Chicken Wings are allowed - hands just have to stay on the bar at all times.

Continuous play – If referee determines team is stalling, you will be penalized team foul.

Penalty Kicks, individual has 15 seconds to kick while the rest of the team is frozen.

            - Fouls 1-2 – Goalie is the “Kicker”

            - Fouls 3-5 – Mid Fielder is the “Kicker”

            - Fouls 6+ – Forward is the “Kicker”