Ice Auger Races

Event Information

Time & Location: Saturday, September 30th at 2pm at Parks Marina on East Lake. Check-in for all individuals is at 1:30pm on Saturday, January 29th at The Barefoot, Lakeside at Parks Marina.

How to Play:

The objective is to see who can hand drill a hole in the ice the quickest. The first contestant who breaks water wins the heat. Winner of each heat will move on to the next round. Bracket style play will be enforced, resulting in one overall champion. Judges will determine the champion.

Rules & Information:

  • $5 per individual - All winnings will be donated to the winner's non-profit of choice
  • All types of footwear are allowed
  • Hand Ice Auger provided. May not be altered in any way.
  • All judges decisions are final.
  • Top 3 winners will receive prizes.

Questions? Call 712-332-7303 or email