Mega Pong

Event Information

THE VENUE: The Okoboji Store

THE SCHEDULE: Saturday, January 27th

10:00 am - 11:30 am: Check-In at THE OKOBOJI STORE inside on the deck.

You will receive your team name tags, a bracket, and a copy of the rules. We will get you started with a free drink token for all players as well! (NOTE: If you are not checked in by 11:30AM your spot will be giving to a team on the waiting list.)

12:00 pm (Noon): *Play begins at Okoboji Store and continues until a Champion is crowned

*Please note, the official bracket showing your team will be posted at the Band Shell Stage beside the Mega Pong Courts behind the DJ. It is your team’s responsibility to be present and signed in 1 match before your match time. No-shows will be forfeitures.

Click Here to check out this fun recap video from the 2022 Winter Games event!

PRIZE: COLD HARD CASH! $500 total to 1st Place team. $250 total to 2nd Place Team

PRICE: Only $50 per team of 2 people.


Mega Snow Pong is a game based on the commonly known game of Beer Pong. 6 garbage cans are placed on each side of a court in a triangle formation (as in setting up a shuffleboard game). The “head” garbage cans are at 15’ apart. Team members throw balls into the opposite set of garbage cans. A ball landing in a garbage can results in the removal of that can. The object is to remove all of the cans on the opposing side of the pong court.


Teams are made of 2 (player 1 and 2) players. Rounds of play run as follows:

Round 1--

Team A player 1 throws 3 balls.

Team B player 1 throws 3 balls.

Team A player 2 throws 3 balls.

Team B player 2 throws 3 balls.

Round 2—

Team B player 1 throws 3 balls

Team A player 1 throws 3 balls

Team B player 2 throws 3 balls

Team A player 2 throws 3 balls

And so on until one side has no cans on it, at which point the other side will have won.


Each team will be set up on a bracket and winners will advance (Think Final Four Bracketology here folks.)


Mega Snow Pong Courts will be located in front of The Okoboji Store.


You will receive your assigned court and time, or position on the bracket at sign-in which opens at 10:00 am Saturday. It will be necessary for you to be signed in and in the court area 1 match BEFORE your match. Any no-shows for matches will result in forfeiture.

Main Brackets will be posted at the Stage by the courts. They will be updated live as play progresses.


Players may not interfere with shots once they are thrown.

Shots may be made directly in the can or they may be bounced (on the ground only) in. No bank shots of ricochet shots allowed.

Cans may not be rearranged during the games.

If cans vacillate or move during play due to contact with balls thrown, rearrangement is not allowed.

Can must remain upright with ball remaining inside to count as a valid shot.

In the event a can is tipped over during play the can must be replaced as close to its original position as possible.

Cans will be removed by referees only.

Only registered players may be on the court or throw balls during game play.

Referees may penalize players for delay of game.

All referee decisions are final.