Event Information

Time & Location:  Sunday, January 31st at Bedell Family YMCA in Spirit Lake


Mixed Doubles: Check-in 7:30am - Start time 8am

Men's Doubles: Check-in 10:30am - Start time 12pm

Women's Doubles: Check-in 12:30pm - Start time 3pm

Tournament Format: Un-officiated Round Robin with top teams advancing. Games to 11 must win by 2. We ask all players to honestly classify themselves based on their experience and ability. Tournament format will be based on the number of entires for each division. Depending on number of players, round robin play may be combined at all skill levels, and then split into two divisions for championship play. Final tournament information will be emailed to all players prior to the date of tournament. Please ensure that you provide an email address so that we can contact you.

Entry Fee: $50 per team per event.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

Registration Deadline: Registrations must be completed by Friday, January 9th. Space is limited.

Questions? Contact Brent O'Hara at brent.ohara@okobojiymca.com or 712-336-9622.