Winter Games Cheerleaders 2020: THE VOTES ARE IN!

After collecting nominations for all of December and holding a community-wide voting on January 2nd, the Winter Games Committee has officially tallied up the votes! We now present to you the 2019 University of Okoboji Winter Games Cheerleaders!

Andrew Fisher

Andrew has worked for the Bedell Family YMCA and Camp Foster for over 12 years. During his time there he has created new outreach programs that serve a population that might not otherwise have use of the facility. He is a Board Member of the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary, a member of the Priority One Community Coalition, Healthy Hometown Coalition, Co-Chair of the North Area Iowa Special Olympics, former Kinship Mentor, former volunteer youth sports coach and is a volunteer for countless sporting events for area high schools. Andrew works on a daily basis to advocate for the area and its citizens. He is currently leading a YMCA Visionary Committee to ensure the YMCA is around for current and future generations.

Deb Heidebrink

Deb spends an enormous amount of time beyond her “paid” job at Grace Lutheran Church. She delivers Meals on Wheels, provides encouragement to the Forrest Ridge students, encourages our youth in volunteerism. One sees Deb at a variety of Spirit Lake High School events. She volunteers during the basketball season doing the books as well as volleyball season. She cheers on the other sports teams by attending. Deb also is at the elementary during lunch time weekly making connections with kids. Deb is a well-known citizen of the Spirit Lake area giving her time, resources, and love to promote the Okoboji area.

Jodi Lange

Jodi is one of a kind. She is always willing to help anyone with anything. She is involved not only with the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce, serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors and is also a Past-Chair of the board. She is also very active in her church. In addition to these she raises money and walks for March of Dimes, which is very near and dear to her heart.

Andy Lux

Andy is already a strong cheerleader/supporter of the Lakes region. Andy is currently serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and is active in chamber events. He was a long-time board member of the YMCA and served as Board President. Andy has served on the Board of Trustees of his church and is the first to volunteer for anything.

Paul Plumb

Take a look around at most any event here at the Lakes and you’re sure to see Paul Plumb! He is an energetic supporter of all things “OKOBOJI”! He is generous with his time, serving on Boards, such as the Chamber. He has an ever-ready smile and cheerful attitude, welcoming all to the Park! If you’ve had the opportunity to work with him on an event, you know how committed he is to make sure your “OKOBOJI” experience is a true memory maker!! It’s people like Paul that really enhance the quality of life in the Iowa Great Lakes! He’s been cheering and supporting the area for years.

John M. Sandy

John M. Sandy believes in our community and loves to support this community. He is a Spirit Lake High School graduate and he certainly loves to support the Spirit Lake Schools. John has a phenomenally loud voice and he can inspire anyone to succeed. He inspires his family and friends with his passion for this town and for life. He allows both Spirit Lake and Okoboji High School students to job shadow him to allow the students to determine if becoming a lawyer is something that they are truly interested in. John M. is a dedicated father and family man. He is the right cheerleader for the Winter Games as his personality is contagious and so is his laughter.

Jeff & Megan Vierkant

Megan is the most enthusiastic everyday cheerleader for O. She supports the concerts, events, and all the area has to offer. As a Special Olympics athlete, she represents the Lakes area through Hope Haven in bowling, basketball, track and field, and cycling. Megan has competed in the Miss Amazing pageant for 6 years and represented the State of Iowa as Miss Amazing Teen in 2017 and at Nationals in Chicago August 2017. Megan’s enthusiasm and smile are contagious – a genuine cheerleader.

Jeff is Megan’s number one fan, her transportation, and her dad. Jeff is the CEO of Historic Arnolds Park, INC. – what’s more “Okoboji” than Arnolds Park Amusement Park? Jeff has served on the YMCA board and continues to be a cheerleader for his three daughters in all their endeavors. His love for the area is evident in his work to improve the Park and his drive to bring people and business into the area.